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the windy city

thanks to a rather awesome porter seat sale, i wandered chicago for a few days during my reading week. i’d love to go back in warmer weather and catch an architectural tour (oh… Continue reading

kaitrin & nick

my friends kaitrin & nick are getting married this summer! but before that, a tandem bike + foster kittens are in order.

Bostonian sweater weather.

While in Boston for a cognitive psychology conference, I managed to fall in love with the city: Boston Public Library: Fire Hall @ 941 Boylston St. (1887) We went to see Metric at… Continue reading


Continuing the theme of people/dog-watching: They say dog owners and their pets often bear resemblance. (!)


Near the Thames River (London, Ont)

tis the season… for cupcakes!

I must confess the premature playing of Christmas songs ruffles my feathers the wrong way. However, I do love the holiday season, and couldn’t help grinning when I encountered these seasonal cupcakes at… Continue reading

union station.

Sometimes, you just have to remember to look up:


Rooftop and boiler room adventures with friends. Gentlemen, thank you for your visit.

duchampian spirit

last count: 87 toilets by the shed. without the requisite loading area in our building, it was an assembly-line-piece-together for the new low flush toilets. count: 50. location: empty apartment unit.

the montreal i miss

includes views from our old apartment windows.

detroit wayne county.

I’ve recently become intimately acquainted. [Cancun –> Detroit –> Toronto 2 months ago; recently, London ON –> Detroit –> NYC] Every airport should have an ExpressTram!

35mm [ottawa]